Monday, January 25, 2016

Transfers week

AMAZING NEWS!!! Katie is on date! For both Baptism and for the Temple! As a mission our goal is to try and get all new members to the Temple within the first 30 days after they were baptized and Katie is going within a week! She is so great. We love her so much and she is just soaking up everything that we teach her. This past week we taught her all about temples. Just as usual with every lesson we teach, there is so much to learn! The bible dictionary has the best definition of temples ever. 

Also, Sister Viehweg and I will be together for another transfer!! We're both super excited but I think that Sister Viehweg is ready for a change. She's been here for almost 8 months and by the time this transfer is up, she'll have spent half of her mission in Bay City. How crazy is that?! However, We do have a lot of really amazing things happening soon so it's a good thing she's staying. Katie's baptism, Paul and Katie are going to the Temple for the first time... and we have some really great potentials. We have a lot of hope for this next transfer and a lot of goals as well. Hopefully they can all be accomplished in these next six weeks. 

Alajuwan.. is doing really good! We have been trying to better integrate him into the ward and make sure that he makes a lot of friends, but, wow that kid has a lot of energy! On Wednesday we were at the church for Book of Mormon study and he was running up and down the halls like a mad man! Haha He was at cub scouts for the first time and just didn't get that he would need to listen to those in charge. But he'll get it. Everything just takes time and patience right?

This past week has been really great and we've seen a lot of blessings. I am so grateful that I an on a mission. I have learned so much about myself and who I want to become, as well as learning even more about this gospel and how to really live it. I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have to serve and especially here in Bay City! The people are amazing and the work is growing more than ever before! I love you all, know that you are in my prayers!

Sister Sheppard

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  1. She sounds great!! I don't see where you have the other blogs linked..I'd love to read all our ward's missionary blogs.-candi