Monday, February 22, 2016

Katie's Baptism

Alrighty, what happened this week? SO MUCH!!! okay, but I don't necessarily remember since everything was centered around the baptism:)

Katie was Baptized on Saturday! Funniest thing though. We showed up a couple hours early to fill the font and it wasn't filling up! It got to like 30 minutes before the baptism and still wasn't even half way. We thought we would have to postpone the baptism at least an hour in order to fill the font all the way. Luckily though, by 6:45 by some miracle, the font was completely full! Hallelujah! Then when She was being baptized Brother Saymn (her Boyfriend) held her under the water for so long! Oh my goodness it was so funny and scary at the same time. In the end all that matters it that she was able to be baptized and confirmed and is SO SO SO happy!  

Also, When she came out of the water, the first thing she did was clap her hands and say"Wow!" Katie is amazing and will do wonderful things for the work here in Michigan.

Anyways... I'm not exactly sure what else we did this week. Everyone in Michigan seems to be sick so we've been doing our best to stay healthy and so far it's working:)

I hope you all have another Fantastic week in the warm CA weather! Haha Love ya!
Sister Sheppard

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