Monday, February 15, 2016

So... Remember how I said it was warming up?

So... Remember how I said last week that the weather was really warm for the beginning of February? Not anymore! That Monday night after we fell asleep it started snowing and didn't stop until Tuesday Morning! It literally just kept snowing and every time we went outside it would start snowing a little harder. Anyways, now we're back into the negatives and it's great. We knew it was coming since whenever we're on foot it's always super cold! Good thing we're tough! And people take more pity on girls standing outside in the cold than boys. So it's great. 

On Tuesday though, we had lunch with members and after we finished eating they asked if we could help them shovel the driveway. I've never shoveled snow before so of course I said, Yeah, we would love to! Fifteen minutes in I was seriously debating whether or not I still thought this was a good idea. Ha ha, their driveway is over a fourth of a mile long and it took the four of us 2 hours to finish. Wow were we tired! We got back in the car, sat there for a minute and the first thing either one of us said was, "I think I'm gonna need a few days to recuperate" HAHAHA so now we know first hand why no one ever seems to ask the sisters for help shoveling their driveway.

Also, here in Michigan they have this thing called Fat Tuesday since Ash Wednesday is the next day. Basically it's just justification to eat these HUGE donuts called Paczci's. They are each between 500-1000 calories. You eat one and you're full for the entire day! (we didn't actually eat them though, too many calories for us!)

And as for the last couple of weeks, we are still working on Pita's house. And She let us start teaching her two boys Carlito(8) and Javier(10)! Her two little girls Lupita(6) and Aalayia(6) both love to come and listen in as well. If the girls aren't there during the lessons then the boys will go and teach the girls everything after we leave. It's the cutest thing! Love love love their family! 

I did speak on Sunday as well. Not nearly as scary when you're constantly meeting new people through knocking on their doors. But it went really well, everyone loved the kids input. Here's a short little quote from my talk:)

"What the restored gospel brings to the discussion on marriage and family is so large and so relevant that it cannot be overstated: we make the subject eternal! We take the commitment and the sanctity of marriage to a greater level because of our belief and understanding that families go back to before this earth was and that they can go forward into eternity." - L. Tom Perry

Families are so important! We not only want to be a part of a family, We NEED to be. There are things that we learn within our families that we cannot learn anywhere else. I have become a million times more grateful for my own family and the things they have each taught me, as I have been away from them for these short two (almost 3) months. I am so glad to have this knowledge that Families can be together forever, so how can I not share this wonderful message with everyone that I can? I love you all, and miss you all so much. Yet, I know this is where I need be! Have a fantastic week!

Love you all! 
Sister Sheppard

Missionaries helped paint this store 15 years ago!

                                    Cute little Suckers the owner of the tummy ache gave us

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