Monday, December 21, 2015

December 7th 2015- Provo MTC

Oh my Goodness I love the MTC so much! It has been so much fun. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like years. It's really weird. But my companion is amazing!! You'll have to ask the Terry's to show you a picture of her cause the girl that they told me to look for ended up being my companion. Weird I know. For some reason I cannot figure out how to send any more pictures. Her name is Sister Rogers and she is absolutely amazing! We get along fantastically and are so alike that everyone keeps commenting about it. She's the one on right of me. On the left in that picture I just sent is Sister Palmer and on Sister Rogers right is Sister Jackson! I love them all so much and it's been really fun. So fun fact about our district, we have just about every leadership role right now. We can't decide if it's because President thinks we're awesome, or because we need to mature a little! The two elders in the picture are our ZL's (Elder Troughber and Elder Anderson) and then the other two Sisters are the STL's, Sister Rogers and I are known affectionately as the AZL's (assistant zone leaders) because we get everyone where they need to be on time. Our DL is Elder Brown who coincidentally isn't in the picture since he was off meeting his new companion. And as I'm sure you've noticed since I talk about them a ton, we are all extremely close. They are like my little family here and it's great. 

Anyways... We started teaching our first investigator the day after we got here and now we are up to 4 investigators. It's so fun! The first time we taught we were so nervous since we thought it was going to be an actual investigator but just cracked up when we knocked on the door and or teacher answered. Why we didn't put that together I'm not exactly sure. It's amazing how much I have been able to learn in such a short amount of time. Every time we teach another lesson we can feel ourselves growing spiritual and becoming better missionaries. Oh! if you want to read a scripture about how absolutely draining the MTC is 1 Nephi 1:7. Haha if that doesn't tell you how tired we are, then I don't know what will! But it's great! We've learned so much. I think that the one thing that has really stuck with me is how much Christ is the center of everything. Since yesterday was fast Sunday, we fasted as a district that we would be able to find Christ in everything we do. It's just fantastic how many things we have noticed just since starting our fast. This morning we got to go to the Temple and it was such a blessing just to be able to sit and feel the spirit. I LOVE THE TEMPLE. Sister Jackson was also a temple worker before coming to the MTC and so it was really fun to be able to talk to her about the experiences we both had. 

Oh and before I forget, we leave for Michigan on the 16th so next Wednesday! We should get there about 5:30 East Coast time. So expect ta call from me at some point during that day! 

I have plenty more to tell you but I'm running out of time so I'll let you know more next week! 

Love you all so much! 

Sister Sheppard

This is our zone! About half of them let today s it will be fun to see who to new sisters are on Wednesday.

This is my absolutely wonderful district! We're missing two of the elders so I'll send a picture with all of us in it next Monday:)

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