Monday, March 21, 2016

Busy couple of weeks...

YAY!! i'VE ALWAYS WANTED SOMEONE TO SEND ME A FLAT STANLEY!! Haha My Comp.s and I are all super pumped to take lots of fun pictures with him! Abby and her St. Patrick's Day outfit is the best! LOVE IT!!! She is just the cutest.

This week has been so fun! As even crazier than usual! Sister Bates came to Bay City on Monday and we went to Lansing to get Sister Wilcox on Thursday! Both are wonderful missionaries and I am so excited to learn from them both!

Also, On Thursday while we were in Lansing Sister Rogers and I were able to be companions for the day! We had so much fun together! It was wonderful to be able to catch up and be together for the day. 

So for this transfer Sister Bates and I decided to make a goal for how we are going to become more fit. 3,000 pushup's by the end of the transfer! It's going great and we're at 80 so far!

Still trying to figure out the balance with three people teaching! But I'm definitely slowly realizing why I am still a part of this area. One of our investigators, Donna, is having us over for dinner this week! Her husband is a member and her daughter wants to get baptized! She just wants to learn more before she says ok. I have no doubt that they will be baptized together though!

Really exciting stuff is happening here right now! So glad I get to be a prmissionary and be a part of it all!

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