Monday, March 7, 2016


Transfer calls came on Friday and Sister Viehweg is going to Kalamazoo to be a Sister Training Leader! and Sister Bates will be coming here and will also be training a new sister from the MTC as well! Trio again! I'm currently holding the record for most Companions in one area:)

Sister Viehweg needs to be in Mount Pleasant by 1:15 so everything was moved up for the day:) She is going to Kalamazoo to serve to Western Michigan University Campus as an STL(Sister Training Leader)! She is going to do so great! We are all extremely excited for her and she will be there for Lamb of God. Every year the churches in that area put on the play Lamb of God. (We listen to the music every Sunday:)) All of the missionaries in that zone get to go see it. She is so lucky! But totally deserves it. Ahhh! So exciting! 

In other news, Sister Bates will be coming here from Holland and will be training a new sister from the MTC. It should be a ton of fun though and I am super excited to meet both of my new companions. Best of all, Sister Rogers (my MTC companion) Is in the same situation in Lansing and will also be there on Thursday to meet the new sisters. Since we are both "helpers" we'll be companions while everyone is in training:)! SO SO SO SO EXCITED!!!

Not much happened this week though. We met with basically everyone in the ward, and I've taken so many pictures that I've probably reached the status of a professional. Since Sister Viehweg has been here for so long everyone knows and loves her as family. So of course that requires pictures! 

Other than that, we had our apartment purge last Monday.... We thought our apartment was so clean before we started. 3 hours and 6 trash bags later we realized how much junk missionaries leave behind! We found food in the freezer from 2013! CRAZYY gross! But now it's so clean in our apartment that we don't ever want to leave. It's seriously the best problem to have:)

Sorry my email the week is so short! Next week I'll have lots more exciting things to tell you all about!

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