Monday, March 28, 2016

Sorry for the no email last week! Sister Bates, Sister Wilcox and I all got the flu, so we were trying to email home really fast and then run home again. But other than staying inside for the first few days this week, we've been having a TON of fun! Being in a trio is definitely different but we are all figuring it out slowly but surely!

I LOVE SISTER BATES. She is my missionary twin! This week we have had so many instances where one of us will think about doing or saying something and the other will be doing that thing in the moment! It's so fun. 

So this week we have had quite a few crazy experiences! First off, our investigator Jessica and her step daughter Leah asked for blessing since they weren't feeling well, and then afterwards she said, "wow. God is here." so we are so excited to see what this next week unfolds as we teach her more about the gospel! She is also super excited for general conference just like us!!

We also, had a crazy miracle occur. One of the less active members that we have been trying to get in contact with these past couple of weeks, texted us out of the blue and asked if the Elders could give their family all blessings! Afterwards the KIDS asked if we could come back and teach them the Bible and Book Of Mormon stories! So we can't wait to see how the kids in this family help their parents come back to church and begin to come closer to Christ as a family. What better time than the Easter season right? 

Okay, super cool story though! So, in Michigan around Easter time, the Lamb of God performance is done here in Kalamazoo. It's a play all about Christ's ministry, death, and resurrection. <SO GOOD> But with this past Sunday being Easter and next Sunday being General Conference, It's is a really great tool for us to use on people's doorstep. I would encourage you all to listen to the music though! It WILL change your life!
      Anyways... One of the families that we are really close with, has this really cool music room. So today, the sister's in the Midland Zone are all going to go over and are going to listen to Lamb of God! We are so excited! Best P-day EVER!

Anyways... That's what's happening in Michigan! I hope you all have as much fun watching Conference as we will here!

Love ya! 

Sister Sheppard

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